1.   SEMADEP Camp- an income generating project for the SEMADEP NGO. The revenue raised directly benefits the Maasai community of the Sekenani area, besides sustaining and expanding the camp itself. LINK

  1. Sekenani Community Health Centre - a community owned heath facility that is supported by the SEMADEP project through the support of the SEMADEP Holland Foundation, the community,CISCO SYSTEMS Inc. and other stake holders. Besides the construction and maintenance of an in-patient facility, equipping it, and employing 2 medical personnel the camp in partnership with CISCO, Orange/Telcom Kenya and other stake holders will soon be unveiling a telemedicine project in the facility.

  1. SEMADEP School - a community kindergarten/pre-school for young needy children unable to afford education offered by expensive private academies. Besides the construction and maintenance of the 2 classrooms with support from partners, we employ 2 well trained teachers, acook and support a feeding programme provide the  learning, and recreational materials for the kids.

  1. Sekenani Water Project - we supported the establishment of this community water project to protect the local community from unnecessary water borne diseases which have badly affected the community in the past.

  1. Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Programme (OVCP) -  with support from SEMADEP Holland Foundation which is currently sponsoring 2 High school students and 10 Primary school students the camp with support from  US Aid and other stake holders is currently supporting 1244 children in the programme providing various basic needs.

  1. Sekenani Community Knowledge Centre - we collaborated with CISCO and AfriAfya in the establishment of this centre in a bid to provide local, marginalized community an opportunity to learn and easily access basic and advanced IT (technology) services. A place where tradition meet technology!

  2. Maasai Cultural Tourism and Conservation - we partner with other stake holders such as  the Travel Foundation UK, Tribal Voice Communication and the Maasai Manyattas  Association to promote cultural tourism and conservation,  striving to end the exploitation of the Maasai community from tour operators and tourists to  allow equitable benefits for the Maasai people.

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